£21.00 (ex. VAT)

Fiji – 040 Medium  Blue Holographic Nail Glitter

Shanghai – 040 Medium Black Holographic Nail Glitter

Milan – 040 Medium Red Holographic Nail Glitter

Petra – Chunky Mix Copper Nail Glitter

Dakota – Silver Star Mix Nail Glitter

Monte Carlo – Chunky Gold Nail Glitter

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Circus Nail Glitter Collection

The Circus Nails Glitter Collection is a fantastic selection of Circus themed coloured glitters that represent the Big Top look. Add these beautiful colours to your nail art creations to make your nails more Circus Style! With these stunning colours and sparkles at your fingertips, you will be shimmering vibrant Red’s, Silver and Gold’s. When the glitters in this collection are used correctly, the results are simply stunning.

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Circus Nail Glitter Collection