About Us
The World at your Fingertips…

World of Glitter is an exciting, vibrant company that offers an extensive range of glitters, pigments, dusts and accessories. We Take you on a journey around the world with our Worldwide inspired product range, so richly infused with colour and culture to offer your client a ridiculous amount of glitter and sparkle that will leave them spoilt for choice.

We delight in offering you the VERY BEST products, that are available in numerous styles and colours that replicate the nail fashion that are both contemporary and embrace the invigorating market.

Our aim is to create a platform of products in which you the professional can bring out your creative and artistic vibes and produce only the very best nails for your customers, friends and family, which is exactly what they deserve. Unlike other companies our fundamental goal is to listen to our customers, and assist where possible to stimulate their needs. We continue to produce products second to none. Taking you to a destination of greater heights.

You won’t be disapointed by our mailing service, allowing you to get that glitter fix faster than ever. Our in house team are on hand 6 days a week at info@worldofglitter.co.uk. They are there to answer your every whim and worry, whether your chasing an order, making an enquiry or simply wanting to speak regarding new products coming to the market.

Key communication with our customers always tops the priority list. We feel the world has never been so enthusiastic about the nail industry than now. Take a journey with us, after all the world is at your fingertips…